Hotel Art Nouveau, comfort and style to discover Lille

There are hotels that, more easily than others, leave a pleasant memory because of their comfort and style. This is the case of the Art Deco Euralille Hotel, an Art Nouveau hotel where the pleasure is in the rooms as well as in the careful decoration.

Hotel Art Déco Euralille, the 1920s in the spotlight

While today's establishments play the card of modernity and contemporary shared spaces, the Art Deco Euralille hotel goes against this trend. To achieve this, this Art Nouveau style hotel puts forward its singular decoration, largely inspired by the Roaring Twenties. The façade, the decoration of the rooms, the glass roof, the custom-made furniture, everything is designed to honor this decorative style. But perhaps the greatest strength lies not in the choice of this Art Nouveau hotel but in the delicate balance between the 1920s and 2020s.

Hotel Art Nouveau 59110, in the heart of Lille

Lille is an international metropolis, the hub of northern Europe. People come here for its culture, for the charm of its historic city center. People also come here for its business district where many international companies are located. By staying at the Art Deco Euralille hotel, an Art Nouveau hotel, you will be in the center of it all. The train station is less than 10 minutes away on foot, and 2 kilometers away, public transportation, the hotel's reserved and secure parking, everything is designed to make it easier for you to get around the city. Whether you come to this 3 star for tourism or work, you will be day and night in the heart of the city. But you will also appreciate this Art Nouveau style hotel for the modern facilities of its 56 rooms, for the continental breakfast in the morning, for its lounge bar, for the comfort of a contemporary room that combines wifi with a natural stone atmosphere. The 3 stars of the Art Deco Euralille hotel are more than deserved and the whole will leave you a lasting memory of your stay in the northern capital.

Your Art Nouveau hotel in Lille is the Art Deco Euralille Hotel

TheArt Deco Euralille Hotel, located in the district of the same name, is a very beautiful Art Nouveau hotel where the decoration gives the place its personality as well as the quality of the hotel services.

An Art Nouveau hotel in Lille for an ideally located stay

Just look at a map of Lille to understand that the choice of the Art Deco Euralille hotel is the right one for your stay in the capital of Flanders. Whether you come for business or pleasure, it is always the Art Nouveau hotel that will suit you because its location is perfect. Euralille is the business district in Lille, where people come for meetings and to meet professional partners. For the tourists who come to enjoy, for example, the street market, it is the convenience of a streetcar that passes by the doors of this original hotel in Lille and assures you in two stations to be in the heart of what makes the Lille that we love so much.

An original hotel in Lille for a memorable stay

Let's imagine that you come to Lille for a weekend on the theme of a romantic stay, a moment for two or another reason to come with your partner. In this case, only a charming hotel in Lille can be suitable for this moment. And the Hotel Art Déco Euralille, with its decoration inspired by the first decades of the 20th century, is exactly that touch of madness and charm that you need. The rooms are well-equipped, with everything a 3-star hotel promises such as comfortable bedding, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, air conditioning and more. As far as services are concerned, you'll love having a nightcap in the hotel's lounge bar, under this magnificent glass roof, also Art Deco, which serves as the basis for the decoration of this entire Art Nouveau hotel in Lille. Quality establishment, you will also find among the services all the classics, from the parking to the continental breakfast, the polyglot team and available H24, the dry cleaning, the ticketing and reservation service and many other and many other services that will make your stay more natural and pleasant in this Art Deco hotel in Lille.

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