Lille design hotel, the Art Déco Euralille

Looking for a design hotel in Lille to enjoy the capital of Flanders for a weekend or business trip? If so, the Art Déco Euralille hotel will meet all your expectations with professionalism and an innate sense of the art of entertaining.

Lille design hotel, the choice of location

Lille is a metropolis, and to make the most of every second of your trip, it's a good idea to stay in a strategic location. The Art Déco Euralille hotel meets this location criterion. This design hotel in Lille is less than two kilometers from Lille train station and the city center. The city's business center is just around the corner, and whether you use public transport, such as the streetcar, or the car, it will only take you a few minutes to reach the central points of the Lille conurbation. Whether you're coming for business, pleasure or a romantic getaway, you'll be delighted by the ideal location of this design hotel in Lille.

3-star design hotel in Lille, the heart of your stay

Always choose a hotel with personality. It's by making this choice that you give volume to your stay, adding to the interest of the trip the pleasure of staying in a place that pleases and fits in with the pleasure of the trip. When you choose the Art Deco Euralille design hotel in Lille, you're doing exactly that. With its magnificent geometrically patterned glass roof, the bespoke furniture in the 56 rooms, the marble columns and the Art Deco decor, the hotel is unique and unforgettable. In addition to its style, we also like the comfort of each of the rooms, which makes this design hotel in Lille a 3-star hotel that we recommend. The Art Deco Euralille hotel also offers a hearty breakfast before you set off to explore the city or work in it. You'll come back in the evening, knowing that you'll have the pleasure of taking a few quiet minutes in the bar, where the staff will advise you on how to make the most of the surrounding area, especially if you're planning to go out and discover old Lille in the evening, or enjoy a good meal.

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